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Nuša Rajher

At the age of 16, Tomaž Barada inspired her to fight in the taekwondo discipline. She was a neighbour and so from an early age she followed Tomaž’s successes and the successes of his club, which he founded at the tender age of 18. Nuša wanted to be part of this team, but her parents did not approve of it at first, knowing that their daughter would be involved in martial arts.

After persistent pleading, they agreed and so her sports career began under the watchful eye of Tomaž. She adored trainings and speed training at the Barada Sports Centre, which became an important part of her life.

She accomplished her first success in kickboxing. In 2003, she became world champion in France. A year later, she also became a world champion in taekwondo. Her successes continued and in 2005 she confirmed her title of world kickboxing champion. In 2006 she defended her world title in taekwondo.

You should know that her results didn’t come by themselves. She was well aware that she was training in the best club with the best team, under the leadership of the best coach, Tomaž Barada.

When she won everything she could win, up to 2 times, she witnessed her dream of participating in the Olympics. Many athletes have tried and still try to switch from non-Olympic to Olympic sports, but it often turns out that this does not work too well, but not with our Nuša. Due to her individual style in wrestling and of course extremely great coaching, she managed almost impossible. She won her first women’s member medal at the European Championships, won the 12th World Cup in 2012 and qualified for the London Olympics. There she reached 9th place.

In 2018 she ended her competing career with the thought of helping someone else to go and experience the Olympics. Are you going to go on the sport path with her and maybe go to the Olympics one day?

Nusa achievements

Tae Kwon-Do
– 2x World Champion in Tae Kwon-Do
– 2x European Champion in Tae Kwon-Do

Kick Boxing
– 1x European Champion in Kickbox
– 2x World Kickboxing Champion