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Bianca Barada Tapilatu

Her mother comes from Surabaya, Indonesia, her father is Malaysian, but he was born in the Netherlands, so their family is not typical in the Netherlands. Bianca comes from a sports family that has dedicated itself to taekwon-do. Father Wijnand, a former selector of the Dutch national team, has successfully passed on his love of the sport to both his daughter and son Stephen. The three-time European and two-time world champion in taekwon-do, the European champion in kickboxing and the world champion and runner-up in aerokickboxing are just a few of the successes that a true master of martial arts can boast.

She quickly continued to pass on her sports knowledge in Maribor, where she was brought by love. At first, she led trainings in the gym, later she and her husband opened their own sports centre, where everyone can find an exercise for their taste.

Bianca holds a bachelor’s degree in sports management and is an expert in fitness, group exercise and martial arts.

Bianca’s Achievements

Tae Kwon-Do
– 2x world champion in Tae Kwon-Do
– 2x European champion in Tae Kwon-Do

Kick Boxing
– 1x European champion in Kickboxing

Aero Kick Boxing
– 1x world champion in Aero Kickbox