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More than just a sports center …

For almost two decades, the Barada Sports Center has been a sports center for all types of sports enthusiasts. Due to the success of its founder and multiple world champion Tomaž Barada, the name of the center is recognizable all over the world. The top achievements of our competitors at the European and World Championships in kickboxing and taekwon-do have become a constant to this day. Despite the busy work with the competitors, the center is also dedicated to recreational users. Our goal is to bring martial arts closer to everyone and to prove that these are sports with which, in addition to physical abilities, we also develop and strengthen our mental and intellectual orientation.

We are also extremely pleased to work with the youngest, who are starting their sports career here from the age of three. We follow their development with special pride from week to week, both on the sports and life path.

Barada Sports Center is a center where you will meet top coaches, the best conditions and top equipment. We want to provide our members of all generations with training at the highest world level. We are the leading martial arts club in Slovenia, as evidenced by the numerous results of members who from year to year shape the very top of the world.

We invite you to become part of our sports family, either as a recreational athlete or perhaps a future world champion. We provide group work as well as training with an individual approach. In addition to martial arts training, you will also be able to get acquainted with various exercises to strengthen flexibility and strength.

Live a healthy life with training.

In our Sports Centre, our basic task is to enable people a healthy and quality lifestyle, to which they contribute through training. We provide a diverse range of exercises that contribute a positive effect to life, both mentally and physically. Our strategy is based on the principle of caring for all members of the club, both professional and amateur, as well as all sponsorship and donor support projects related to a healthy and quality lifestyle.

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