We have been educating, sculpting and building new paths since 2002, along which the future European and World Champions, who are the pride of our sports center, have set foot. So far, we have “made” more than 33 such champions.

Will you become one of them in the future?

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Center Barada. A name that is a guarantee of excellence!

European and World Champions
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The best martial arts center in the region

The center has a combat area of 280 square meters, superbly equipped with all the equipment for training at the highest level and with all the necessary accompanying facilities.

Shop for martial arts and sports equipment

The sports center also has a shop where you can buy or order all the necessary equipment, clothing, accessories and props needed for the smooth implementation of martial and aerobic training.

Sports bar with a pleasant ambience and a view

The sports center also has a sports bar, where you can relax undisturbed and relaxed before / after training, or just like that and from which you have a beautiful view of the interior of the gym.

Summer terrace and outdoor bar for summer experiences

The sports center also has an outdoor bar with a summer terrace, where you can enjoy the air on warmer days, and drink in good company. Next to the summer terrace there is also a beach volleyball court, a cage football field, and outdoor fitness equipment.